Tuesday, September 29, 2009


1 : got a new leather belt from Topshop today (will upload the pictures soon)

2 : and go to Amsterdam at 6am at Wednesday...sounds cool? yes it is...;)

Monday, September 28, 2009


it is a new year for a new semester for a new spirit to fight on.


no more daydreaming!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

BERLIN (09092009)

Today was of the last day in Berlin (though we will come back for one more day after Wolfsburg), cause we gonna take the night train to go to Munich. So, today we try to explore as much those famous places that we have not check out. At first we went to the Museum Island, there are several museums in here but we've got no time to enter of them so we just took some picture at the public space.Behind the sculpture, Altes Museum

Celdrick with his international finger signature and me
the Berlin Cathedral

After some quick shooting, we headed to IMPEI Deutsches Historisches Museum, yes, again. and this time we gonna enter the building yay!

I've never been or actually see I.M. Pei building before, because I do not fancy geometric designs?... but his spaces within was IMPRESSIVE! The layering and the leveling of the spaces within the glass box is so interesthing and they appear as if heavy concrete floating in the air.
the perfect circle.

A glassroof courtyard transitional space before the main exhibitions.
Me at the old Deutsches Historisches Museum InteriorAfter that we went to Berlin Philharmonic Hall again. This time, we have a trip to follow, and you knwow hat the tour guide could converse in 3 languages, English, German, and Spanish... and she explain about this building to us using these 3 languages... incredible. Well, as you can see, the circulation spaces within this building is done in a poetic way. Though the staircases are pleasant to the eyes, but using it to go to th VIP room on the top floor are just too tire... beautiful and sustainable glasses
The auditorium. The interesthing part of the auditoriums is that they are actually designed as centralize type instead of shoebox shape which is suppose the conventional shape for auditorium. The reason for this is that Hann wanted the people feel closer to the performer and be a part of the performance...We went to Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin as there is a exhibition there ACCORDING TO CELDRICK... because when we got there, the exhibition was actually at somewhere else...so obvious Celdrick you've got the wrong information... haizLast but not least how can we missed out OMA Dutch Ambassy in Berlin... haha... though we cna not enter the building, it's kinda wasted but never mind we are satisfy with just the exterior views...there are just so much more to explore in Berlin but there is just so little time...for now, Buh bye Berlin for we will be back on the 13th day ;) for now the journey continues in Munich.:P
I know this is chips but in order to save money to visit more places for another 10 more days we've got no choice but to have this for our dinner :'(

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

BERLIN (08082009)

Got up really late today because we were too tire from yesterday night. slept for only 5 hours , we need to rush off to finish our breakfast and go to the nearby Internet cafe to upload our precious pictures to hard drive. It took us like almost the entire morning to finish the pictures transfer... Damn.. by the time we off to Jewish Museum it was already 11 something, which is consider pretty late for us...
Ok dude, now the interesting part for the Jewish Museum. We got there after an hour later because it was F...ing far from our hostel. It was really funny that when we got there we argued about the Museum location for there are multiples museum directions and most of them are useless, unless you asked the local people. The VERY FIRST IMPRESSION when we got there...it does give you a "WOW" factor. The interplay of the slashes and lines of windows create an interesting collage on the silver facade. This evoke a curiosity of the spaces within. Although the building might be totally out of the world, the proportion and type shape of the building that Daniel played seems making it alright around the neighbourhood. The only entrance to the new museum was to go through the old, through a dim lit stairway.

the lone
the slashed facade
fragmented columns that continues up to the roofs and extend to become the beams.
Celdrick in the Jewish Museum glass courtyard.
The first space that we encountered from that was the infamous interior part where it was the meeting of the 3 axis lines that Daniel constantly mentioned about. The wall, slanted floor and the lit line on the ceiling that compose the entire space doesn't felt as what Daniels envisioned (That's what I felt)
Garden of Exile
but among the 3 main famous spaces, I would said I love the Holocaust the most. The entire contain void itself was so dark and just lit by a line of natural light. The entire atmosphere was was solemn and it the impact of the sadness speaks.
Later we go through the Void, where the metal faces was, I would love this space to be dimmer... but the stepping sound on the metal and the echo from the concrete wall was something interesting to be felt in the space.

the Axis of Continuity that leads to the Sackler staircaseOur next stop - Mies Van de Rohe' Berlin Galleria. the Museum was just alright. it's interior, I would said it looks almost the same like the Barcelona Pavilion but just that this is in a bigger scale (this sounds a bit sien, lol)... loads of artworks are in it, including some early works of Jackson Pollock, Picasso and etc.

The next spot was the building that shimmers in gold colour when it reflects the sunlight. It wasn't too far from the Berlin Galleria. The building was by Hans Scharoun, called Berlin Philharmonic Hall and this is one of his masterpiece. We wanted to experience the internal space and sound system but it was too expensive. The ticket for the night performance was 20 over euro...so we scrap that, though we were told that there will be a tourists tour everyday at one in the afternoon, so we have no choice but to come back tomorrow...

So for the dinner, Bavarians people loves to eat sausages. You will see sausages selling at almoist any stalls but this Curry 36 is one of the famous stalls that sell delicious sausages. Why make it so speacial? it is because they have really good scause for the sausages. Well they are a bit expensvie but seriosuly they are dam nice.
sorry my chips covered the sausages...=.=, btw I forget wuts this dish called...paiseh

back to memorial to take some good shoot... but was a bit late. This place like have different kind of atmophere at different time... it's magnificant.

we were real tire by now and my leg was really pain due to too much walking, but we try to get to IMPEI museum just to check out how's the building at night.

\the jewels at night... it's sexy isn't?

BERLIN (07092009)

It's a nice early morning in Berlin, and today we went to visit Reichstag, for our first visit. we've got really lucky to get in the front queue or we might be waiting for several hours before our turn to visit the dome. To experience the actual space was really entirely seen from the book. the entire dome space, with the floating ramps were so light. With the incorporation of the human and shadows playing within, the space staring to show it's art.
Beauty from afar
the front facade
the art of glasses
the floating wonder ramps
Tao at the dome's highest platform.
me with the Berlin beautiful cityscape.
the arts
me at the ramp
The movable brise soleil.

Before we off to Jewish Memorial which is a must see place for Berlin and for architecture students of course, we made a stop by at the House of World Cultures (Haus der Kulturen der Welt)
Tao and Celdrick

me. It was the United States' contribution to the Interbau 1957 building exhibition in Berlin. The building roof is the most stunning part of the building, and the huge proportion of the building is what make this building "WOW" factor.The Pregnant Oyster. It is sad that we did not manage to get into the building but, the time to visit all the sights in Berlin are just so short, so, i guess it's alright that we miss this... haha
the Berlin Bell Tower

it's interesting that in most of the Europe city,they are always have something to surprise you even you are walking along the streets... saw this as an artwork by a Japanese Artist... it's simple but meaningful, probably this what makes me love Berlin as an Art City.

The next stop before to Holocaust Memorial, get to this Brandenburg Gate the famous former city gate and one of the important symbols of Berlin and Germany.

one of the "stone" puppet that only move when u pay money to her. Love her mask.
Ah, finally this is what we had been waiting for, the Holocaust Memorial by Peter Eisenman. The 2711 concrete slabs or "stelae" that spread on a grid system, with the undulating surface create an sense of silence, lost touch and uneasy feeling towards the murdered Jews.
The stalaesme in the Holocaust Memorial.
Celdrick on the Stelae.
The uncertainties journeywe will never be apart again.
We thought this place gonna be awesome with the evening light, so we thought probably we need to come back for the second time, to experience this place at different time, it might have a different huge impact. Though seriously, this place is wonderful, i love how I felt in here.
the Berlin Olimpic stadium, it's pretty massive, and heavy...
from left Tao, Celdrick and Me
and of course the Le Corb. Unite De Habitation, there still people staying there. Thanks to the use of the bold colour on each apartment, it has this ancient wonder look.
a unique way to know all your apartment neighbours... isn't this interesting?

the corridor at each floor... we din manage to get into the house. that's sad though.
the proportion of this wondow is just nice for a head to peep in...and the height is just nice for an adult...sweet.the Corbu's men
We went to Sony Centre, it is a place of restaurants, cinema, living...etc..and guess what they always held red carped here, the Lord Of The Ring: The Return Of The King premier was held here...lots of famous artists were here for their movie premiere, and when we were there, they were about to set up another red carpet...
So about the night, sorry guys not much pictures were taken at night but we had a chat and drink with our host in a small bar called Valerie not far from our Hostel. We had great time with Eva and she told us lots of stuffs bout Berlin and stuffs we should do here...though we got back to hostel really late and were uber tire... more to come ;)