Thursday, February 25, 2010


went to her performance and it was creative, artistic and inspirational... I'm Speechless.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Happy Chinese New Year to all, it's sad that this year is the second year that I'm not celebrating it with my family, but I'm hopeful that this year will bring more charms and luck to everyone and for that I hopeful that I could achieve something successful to make my family proud of, I hope all the hard works that they paid for me will not be wasted. Love.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Everything happened so fast and the 4 days Prague trip was ended. Thanks to Marcus Cheh, we could have a relax and enjoyable Prague moment.

I don't know that Eastern Europe has so much to offer, the views and the sceneries are just breathtaking. The castle and the small houses that built on the snowy mountains, the narrow streets, etc you just felt like you are in one of those fairy story world.

Gotten there on Saturday evening, we were surprised for our hostel was so cheap but it was so lux.The living hallKitchenBedroomWindows view that overlooking to the snowy mountains and roof scape.
The first night was nothing much but to explore our hostel area, since our location is at the centre of tourist spot, we then went to had our dinner in this small cozy underground restaurant.
Our dinning table is so nice because it's on top of an dry well, and you can look into the well
The restaurant is at the underground-9 weather was nothing for him, his songs were really romantic and touching.
The famous Prague's Charles Bridge with all the saints sculptures. (but this time it was so potong stim because they were having a renovation on the bridge, and so with all the scaffolding's you can not take a nice pic on it. F.)It's actually freezing cold today, and my lips are cracking...brrrrrFurther up the bridge the route will lead you to the castle on top of the hill
Gothic church in the castleView from the castle on top on the hill
From the left, Cheryle Choo, LiHua, Me, Loh, Marcus, SookTin and Celdrick
Basically our second day was ended with a dinner Japanese buffet, I know I know, its bit shame that u have Japanese buffet instead of Czech foods but well, we were too hungry and the one that we suppose to go to was too expensive to afford so ...:(The next day we went back to the famous Prague clock tower again, this clock is really amazing because it has several marks and it could precisely mark out the angle of the sun, the month of the year and the horoscope and all, it's really a masterpiece.

The second day was pretty a rush day because we need to buy all the pretty souvenirs for our friends and family and we needa go to join the local tour. The man with the red tag was called HUW he is really cool guy and he can really promote Prague history, love the way he told the Prague history and he is funny.Went to pretty lots of places and this tower, errr forget whats the name but it was used as a gun power and weapons trade point int he old days.This is a pretty building that uses the Cubist design every single details in it was Cubism inspired amazing aint. it?Jewish Synagogue
The last but not least was that we managed to get to this Gehry's Dancing Tower, the design is really "WOW" but too bad we din manage to get in :( sigh.... (p/s: actually I think this building is very much blend to the site and it isn't monsterous at all, that is my personal opinion.)The last thing that we did not miss was the apple strudle stall. This stall was claimed to be the best apple strudle stall in Europe, so if you do come to Prague never ever forget to come here to taste the strudles and seriously, they are amazing. No jokes.
We went out to had a dinner later in a suburb of Prague Zone 3 which was part of Marcus plan, but too bad the pictures aren't with me now, so you guys needa wait for a bit :( hahah there are lots of fun stuffs that happened at night but the pictures aren;t with me as well... so, everyone do pay attention to facebook pictures upload... and thru that you will love Prague for sure.. this place is just too romantic! ;)