Saturday, May 30, 2009


It has been almost been weeks since I've done with my final, and right now everyone is free and the weather is good, it just nice to just lay on the Carnatic field and enjoy the SUNSHINE. 8P

the masters who are teaching me guitar at the moment, u guys are legend.

the medic students still have their exams to finish up, but they are not gonna miss the summer sun:)

Zara, she always scold me for being laughing at her face on the time she offered her fruit to me.
but everyone is heading back to their home, I'm gonna miss everyone and Carnatic.
I miss the fun time together.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It has been 9 months I have been staying in Pool world, and I would said I really enjoyed this 9 months University life, espeacially staying the catered hall. Maybe before this, I had kept cursing the far distance between this accomodation and the university but now I think all that is worth it. I think taking 15 minutes bus traving from my hall to studio isn't really a very big deal. What I had in exchange I really had a fun Uni. life...

But as an second year archi student, probably everyone knows that we are known as anti-social that you wouldn't hardly have a free time to spend with ur friends, and probably thats the reason why I's always 24/7 in my room, and probably that's the part that I missed out the most but to look back now, I know it has been my fault of not wiser enough in time management, I know that I always have this problem. (sorry for rejecting too much invitations)

here, I've got to thanks to everyone in my halls, as well as others friends in different halls. You guys are awesome!

and now this is the end of it, everyone are going back to their home land and the hall is once
again back to silence mode... miss the old days.

I'm gonna miss this room number

2 more weeks before going back to Malaysia, and I felt like not to leave this place.

Friday, May 22, 2009


my birthday party poster at Garlands
Well, as everyone knows my birthday was already over but unfortunately, I can;t have my party with my hall mates due to the university exams, so we had delayed it today, a day after everyone finished their exam, and so it will be a after exam and belated birthday celebration sort of thing.

So, on Thursday, we reckon we should go to Garland is the best because it is really happening on Thursday and we did... :P luckily I'm not as drunk as them... lol.

me and my neighbour hall mate, James, on the way with the rest to Garlands

ok, some candid...

first piece of art picture

Anna, Claire, Danny n I

second piece of art picture.

me and Jamie

Zara and I

On the way back by cab at almost three something, it was hell tire, but it was well fun :P

Monday, May 18, 2009


after few days of non sleeping studio madness, finally it ends... finally... phew. IT'S TIME FOR PARTAY NOW. WOOHOO.

back to studio a day after... n this all of it...

me with my boards...
design boards that I like (top:celdrick, bottom: alexander)

look at the studio mess.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Just past 12.00a.m. happy birthday to me.

but submissions on urban studies is tomorrow, and exam is on Tuesday :(

Thursday, May 07, 2009


It was so out of my surprice that today, when I went to Bryan house for dinner which we had decided to have before our studio final... TURN OUT TO BE MY EARLY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. I enjoyed the dinner as well as the cake so much... thank you guys...:P
forget to take the cutie browine before we eat...took this when I almost finish the last bite.
a bigger cake... this is the main character.haha

alright some poser pictures...
lastly had some awesome dinner in Chinese Restaurant... Thanks for all the treat tonight... it is unforgetable...

today I'm happy for my new Haircut.

today I'm happy for my new camera D60.

today I'm happy for my new birthday celebration and knowing you guys...

and I'm satisfy for today.


I'm happy because of my new haircut,
I'm happy because of my new camera :P
Nikon D60

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Thanks for giving me a new starting of the day

Friday, May 01, 2009


still working on my recycling centre in the library for tomorrow tutorials... not much time left for the final cric... and still struggling with the details and materials...haihz....