Monday, February 23, 2009


Bye Bye winter...
Hello Spring...
coming soon :), I can't wait to see all the plants back to life again.

this kind of tiny flowers just grow everywhere in the Carnatic field and they have varieties of colour, white, yellow, red...and they are just sweet...

Friday, February 20, 2009


the result was out before 12p.m. today and they are bad. :(

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


1 weeks of group hard works were paid off, and here you go, the presentation day of Urban Studies masterplan of Dingle...

The presentation atmosphere, almost every group finish pinning up, and my group was like half way finished the pin up yesterday night and now all we was left was Liza's masterplan print out...

This masterplan finish in less than few hours, Liza you are great!

The conceptual master plan of Dingle, the plan was printed in Kevin Lynch theory of Image of the city and lited with LED to emphasize the changes on the site. The extrusion height of different point emphasize the importance of each changes and idea...

Brian and Celdrick's group presentation... a really well did reseach on the town's memories

The traces of memories

The like-to-pose couples...

Celdrick and his group presentation board... I lik'them.

my group presentation, started off with Jacob "sexy" voice hahaha... well hehe going well...

I must have some posing picture after all the hard works to releave myself, (since I came here I seldom have posing picture one thing is because my pose-a-like friend Ami is in Glasgow now =.=...
my team from left Dave, me and Ryan, finished this modal 1:200 scale in workshop like in 36 hours...

That's all for now. The final pin up of everything...can get all of them in a picture, hope this bits can satisfy u ;P... haha well I lov my group lots!!!... and I think everyone did a brilliant job.. lov'in

p/s : I think this site modal is sweet...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Thank you Ina for this lovely present from Geneva.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


It is always a good idea to have a cup to hot chocolate after a chilly snow.

When we visit the site this morning it was F... cold due to camera is half dead because of that.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Suddenly felt free and boring and I wrote this stuff into the facebook, 25 things bout urself..

1 l I like to play jokes, but people always find my jokes very lame, trying to improve that.
2 l O well, I don't understand why, but I will always overreact, probably watch too much cartoons and anime.
3 l I'm suspicious that I only grow taller after operations because after each operation I grow few cm taller. I found it weird.
4 l I fancy everything to do with drawings and graphic over words and numbers.
5 l numbers = math, so I always only got a pass in my add math examination back in secondary school, scary experience.
6 l have really no idea why am I end up in Architecture course, although I actually like to do others stuffs like drawing manga and stuffs, and lately addicted to photography, but well I enjoy the archi-torture process.
7 l like to sleep especially near to assignment deadline. I hate to do works...
8 l I like to eat, eat anything, so FREE FOODS are most welcome
9 l the art of eating cause me always have stomach problems, and I got into ward several times because of this but i love the experience staying in the ward.
10 l Love the art of spending money.
11 l wish to travel to the whole Europe and other continents but no $$$, regret that in the last Christmas forget to ask Santa to give me a Million Pound for that.
12 l I’m a 5 minute person, I only like the starting in everything I did, but in the end, I stop at nowhere, give up.
13 l I’m a monochrome person so I like all my stuffs in black and white even my underwears. (well not all)
14 l have a dream of designing a fantasy utopia to a small little cottage for myself that face towards the sea (searching for a location now)
15 l hate backstabber.
16 l sometimes I can keep myself silence for a good 24 hours and sometimes I could have the power to annoy people by talking, shouting.... nonstop.
17 l I think I can join in X-men team or Hero because I have the power to fart non stop, so people beware.
18 l Crayon Shin Chan is in my top amine list, learnt a lot of cool stuffs from him, thank you. You guys should try to watch too.
19 l My hands are always naughty, they just can’t stop moving when there is a pen for them to draw.
20 l I always forget stuffs and events, so sorry if I lost your stuffs. It is a trend in my life, trying to get rid of this little demon.
21 l I realized that in all my messages I always have this “.....” in it... it leads to a lot of interpretations so I will continue to use them in another few century of my life.
22 l I had brilliantly invented the word “STUPIAK” instead of stupid. In my opinion use stupiak instead of stupid makes people feel better. So try to say it to ur friends. It does make a difference.
23 l I always good in giving answer “on the way” when people called me where am I, you are late mate. So next time, if i’m late u guys better ask where are you please give your specific location.
24 l I bet all my Uni. friends are doubt of what I had written of myself above, wait till u mix with me longer.
25 l O well, in my opinion I think the above statements are funny but I think 99 percent of the readers think that all are pretty lame. Sigh.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


erm... it has been like 5 months I never cut my hair since my last cut in Malaysia. (the botak style) and now... my hair is super long dy...actually I wanted to keep it longer but my parent keep nagging me to keep it this time I went to a hairdresser (ATTITUTE) which locates not far from my accomodation place... I guess my next hair cut gonna be there again, because their services are really good... and they got many geng machines... hehehe

...the snow is melting away. stupid forcast, cheating one...

Monday, February 02, 2009


It is just unbelieavable beautiful, magical when u see the scence with white snow covering every thing, and todaym I had a wonderful memory, I had a massive snowfight with friends, snowslides, making snowman, snowcanons, and etc... but I was really a bad snow ball hitter, I can not aim well!!! I got hit lots of time by my mates... but it was so much fun and it was really an unforgetable magical night. I hope this will not just end tonight...

Having snow fight with Bryan and celdrick and others friend in the University...

Massive snow fights in the University Carnatic Hall... it was so fun!!!

Snow fighting among the flatmates in front of the Lady Mountfort House...Awesome...

It is forecast that tomorrow gonna have more snow.... Yay... gonna take loads of pictures tomorrow, sorry for the blur pictures though.:P


I think it is a good start for today because the first thing that I saw is a total white piece of land... everything is covered with snow, it is more than magical... although it is cold but it view is just so nice... this is the first time that the snow can stay on the ground and didn't melt away...

i hope the snow wont melts and stay there forever...