Monday, June 29, 2009


I wish to go back in time and share these with u again
it just doesn't feel right to do it alone

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


today suppose to be a mint day, becuase I just finished Transformers 2 today... but after that movie when I was walking back to my car, I realized that I had just lost my NEW HANDPHONE and it was not even 2 WEEKS OLD!!!

just not feeling alright after the movie...but dun worry the movie is amazing, a must watch movie

Monday, June 22, 2009


Had been really nervous bout theresult sicne few days back and this morning I had been checking the result from the webpage since this morning till just now evening and phew I passed all! though not all are As, got ABB and the both Bs just left another 2 marks to score As... darn!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Alright sorry for the late post for father's day... haha but here is the post of that day, and it was mint although it wasn't a very big celebration but this is sort of like a first time we manage to get my dad to come out and have dinner together during Fathers day... he is always busy. always.

This is the a really tasty cake from my sister for my dad, an Ice-cream cake...and I bet all of us lovein it... (my mom got her tooth chilled when she is eating the cake?...ho ho ho) well apart from the cakes we had several delicious dishes as well which i think Pool people might get well jealous when they see it. so i decide to save it for later :P

Well dad Happy Father's day, hope u really enjoy it from us. :)
and I promise ya both that when I get my earning I will give both of u a real "speacial treat"... and I hope that day can come early..:)

Saturday, June 20, 2009


alright I suppose to ahve pictures posted up on this but I forget to bring my camera battery.... so I can't take any pictures.... well it was a great night and had a chat bit with old friends... will be out again on Wednesday for Transformers... Can't wait for it!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


it's been like a week since I'm back from Pool and although it is good to be at home but it's so boring, and I've not nothing to be post up in this blog... haiz... but dun worry PLANS are ahead of me, will be going to Genting n Singapore soon...more will come. stay tune. hahaha...

Monday, June 08, 2009


YES! I'm back now, and what should I do on the first day?

here u go, yummy yummy foods away...(char kuay tiu (fried noodles), bat jut tea (pork tea soup) ju cheong fan (steam noodles), dim sum (Chinese dessert)... :P

I know Ming Tien foods are not very good, but this is the first time I had my dinner here when I got back from UK, so it is not too bad...:P

Friday, June 05, 2009


just a few more hours away from Malaysia... home sweet home.

in Dubai airport, I think I still prefer Malaysia is so much nicer.

Malaysia airport by Kisho Kurokawa...going to the Exit gate.


Few more hours to go home, and I felt sad to leave this place.. I miss Carnatic hall and the people a lot

I mean a lot....

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Although, we are in holiday now, but this trip to Llandudno had been dragged for a week. Sometimes, when I'm are rushing my assignments I felt to just put aside my assignments and start daydreaming about what I'm gonna do after I have pass up my assignment but as always, things always do not work that way I had in mind ... perhaps I'm too slag that's why we had delayed till Tuesday... So, Tuesday was a fine day, and we supposed to meet at at 9 but none of us make it, and well, I'm actually the earliest who woke up that day, it was quarter to 9, yes, the earliest. Architecture student always an not make it on time... haiz.

So the place is like 2 hours train trip from Pool. Famous for its countryside you might find that the mountains and the beaches are just lovely. Taking the walk from the city to the top of the hill was so tiring, maybe I had my cough medicine before that (plus, I never had my exercise for 3 months long... too lazy), so , I felt sleepy and tire when I walking uphill. :P. Nevertheless, I think it is worthwhile because the views from the mountains to the whole Llandudno and the sea is just breathtaking...

the transit in Chester train station. I love the old look,

and the intimates feel of this place. It seems that we always stop here for the transit.

the city is building uphill and beyond this there is

this lovely wooden fence that reminded me the old countryside movie that lead you

going up and up...

and the views behind make you wont regret to take further steps...

The intersections

the path

the shadow

and this lil's brickbox.... that make this place rich on its own... and fills you and my journey....

this is a playground paradise, we had some small gambles here... don't worry, we only gamble 20 pence.

freedoms after exams are jumping high....:D
we ended our trip at the beach, and I would love to use this picture, theme Of Sharing as an ending for this blog.
p/s I hope love n care are shared much in this summer... :)

Monday, June 01, 2009


went to had dinner with Sherwood, Cel, Tao, and Michael in Chinese restaurant today before departure as well as just a farewell to Sherwood, third year senior. After that, we went back to studio to look at the 3rd and 5th year pin ups which are ready for the Students Degree Show.

Sherwood and his board, one of the best in my opinion. :P
this year three student done all his drawings and boards in manual, legend.

some of the 5th year boards and I think the second one is really stunning. More to come :P.