Saturday, May 22, 2010


Haven't update this blog for ages, and just got back from Ironman 2 movie after 2 days of continuous working, and TODAY'S CRIC IS FINALLY OVER YAY! and about my scheme, I think again I'm too long-winded and I talk too much, or too detail, but seriously I'm not sure when I'm talking too much, but somehow they say it is OK for everything... even though I din finish presenting them? kind of doubt? but those crics are really amazing, right now I will just cont. what I have done. (somehow I miss my very first initial apartment idea, wonder what this apartment will become, nvm.)

Anyhow, today Dunster leave us, I guess everyone gonna miss him. I miss him, although I'm not under him for my studio, I WISH I could though, somehow his urban studies lecture and the words when he cric people still fresh in my mind, very inspiring for a different perspective thinking. What's more for today is that, all the Big archi are here for the cric, not to miss out is C.J.LIM, and WE HAD A CHAT WITH HIM!!! James tell him about cel and my blog lol, I think my blog gonna be really famous even before I become famous architect (grin :D)

P/S: he given us new hope on UCL dream... (I hope he is not cheating us on this :D)

picture is soon, dun miss out but i think the pictures are a bit shit =.=

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 . 3

I'm finally 23 and I'm so touched that 3 buddies of mine sang birthday song to me in the library ;)

I will challenge new challenges from now onwards

Monday, May 10, 2010


8 more hours and and I will be 23 years old.

I felt very old now not in physically but in mentally, and achieving nothing yet, felt deeply disappointed and tire with this long course. This whole 5 years have been a roller coaster and how I end up here to finish off one more month of architorture course now.

But somehow, the longer I study in this course the more I know the ugly side of it, all these excuse seems making me slag and slag more, It seems like I'm not as adventurous as I was used to be, and I seems din care much about things any more, and I forget bout things what architecture that used to make me happy, all these shit excuses but a simple blog just now inspires me, I shall now regain my energy and fight further, I need to be adventurous and be daring again, I need to fight for this, and the end of thing, I want to be what I aiming for.
a good architect