Monday, April 27, 2009


Finally, everyone are back to the hall, and everythigns are back to normal, no more scary silence night... well, I hope when the locals are back they can realise how clean is the kitchen (with the locals around, you will never have a chance to to cook in the kitchen because it iw too "clean", hahaha, hope you guys wont mind.
There is a birthday party tomorrow at RAZ for Christ, Ivor and Loh birthday.. hope it's gonna be a great night but I dun think I can hang out too long... Loads to go for studio still for Tuesday tutorial... and final is just around the corner... I can see that I'm gonna be a zombies in 2 weeks time... o's time to back to work....

Friday, April 24, 2009


Back in Malaysia, we always have a big b.b.q. base for bbq... but now in U.K... we just have a typical tiny Tesco b.b.q. base... but nontheless it was still fun to have bbq in Spring...hahaha pictures will upload soon..because I dun have camera :(.... Studio final is soon and I'm still designing...

Th lawn is so empty during Easter holdiay, normally it is packed with local people playing football... these 3 weeks are just odd without the local around...hahaha

look at these 2 tiny lil. BBQ base that we got from Tesco.... it took us so long to get the charcoal burned...

we are having some cancerous chicken... yoyo...
The kebab are so tasty.. according to Jessie... n I can't eat them because they are beef..=.=

Okay~~~ tell you what the tesco BBQ base only can last for an hour and a half... this is what gonna turn out then the foods are half cook... DUMP everywhere...
Hopefully can have a own make steamboat after exam adn studio cric... back to work now... haiz.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


It is Easter holiday, all the locals already back home and Loh (the only malaysian in my block) just went to Edinburgh to meet up his brother today, and now the entire carnatic hall is super quiet...because no one is around!!!... things is really odd now... eww.

Monday, April 06, 2009


Back from Spain trip way early than what I had expected. It was a fail trip. All the pictures that capture the moment, places and architecture were gone... it was a long story but to make it short our trip was cancel because we have no mood to carry on the trip as my friend's laptop and my camera was taken when we were in Barcelona Nord at mid night(Barcelona bus station). There were two people behind this. One was distracting us by asking us the direction and another one took my friend's bag that had the laptop and my camera in it... so now I dun have a single pictures left with me because all were stored in the camera and the laptop. Though, Han Wei has some of of our potrait pictures... hopefull he can upload them fast so I can have them to update this blog. haiz.

Well, to look at the bright side, I can get a new camera... but just regret that the trip was ended so brief, but it shall be in my memory.

I love Barcelona, yet I hates the pickpockets that mingles among the people... I shall go back there again. :)