Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Just got back from Easter Ball just now :P

I had miss my Architecture Christmas Ball, so I'm not gonna miss for this Easter Ball... and I'd tried to drag Celdrick, Brian, and Tao to join me... but I only manage to get Cel... :(

The ball was held in the Leaf Tea Bar and small little bar which located not far from China Town. We got there around 11 and most of the people were already half drunk... lol... although the place is a bit small but I kinda like the space and the clammy mood...

too bad I din bring my camera because my camera bad in taking night pictures... so only rely on my friends camera...

Celdrick and I

Sophie, Me , Alex, and Celdrick (he is wearing Taylor's Architecture I like to Erect... Building t-shirt :P)
Daisy, Cel and I

I went back early as usual because I've got to catch the last bus to Carnatic... haiz the hectic-ness to stay so far away from the town...although I just spent 3 hours there but I still enjoy it. :) I bet everyone did

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just got my niece pictures from my cousins from Ireland... and she is so CUUUUUUUUUTE!!!

Can't wait to see her soon... :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Love of Spain
12 more days left

Friday, March 13, 2009

TO . C.A.T.

It is early morning, and this is the first time going for trip, but the trip is remain in England... (bleh... saddy... hopefully next year school trip to Europe is on:))
but today this is a study trip to CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology: a centre founded in 1974 as an experimental village,where they studies and develop design for sustainability and now they are Europe's leading Eco-centre) in Wales and it took like 3 hours plus to get there...
Normally this is what u gonna see in a bus if the trip is long... (from left :Bryan and Zaim)

but this does not apply to these three weirdos... they din sleep for the whole trip... (seriously you guys are worst than us) (from left: Alex, Graham and Jay)

We stop at this lil town for a short break... and I like the clustered distribution of the cottages that spread form the hill to the ground... and u have the lil tiny roads that stretch within these houses

not to forget to take some of the scenes in the country side during the ride... the lake picture is just so majestic with the hills surrounding it... and all the lil cute lamb chewing for grass in the open green field... sometimes, a lil small cottage at the corner... it feels so lovely.

When we got there, we thought we can take this Bloody nice cable car to the hill top...but

instead of that, we need to take a walk up to the hill...=.= because the cable car is not operating at the moment...ish
The C.A.T. Village

during the lecture from the person in charge...
beauty of the glass

we went back around 3 something... and it does not as awesome as we expected it to be as most of the stuffs are still on the building process... but still it is a relax day to be... because no studio today due to this trip :P

Monday, March 02, 2009


I've been worked in 3 architecture firms so back back in Malaysia, and the last architect firm, JUTERAS, is the place where I enjoyed the most. It was also the firm where I first see my dream come true and being realized.
It was not long ago when I was stress about my assignment, my senior from Juteras sent me the pictures of the project that I was handled with him last time. I was so happy when I saw the pictures... words can't describe how happy am I in that moment... the moment when you see all your ideas and hard work had been translated into 3 dimension elements and beautiful spaces...:)
Desa Park City the last project that I handled when I was in Juteras, it was a renovation project of a club house... here are the new and old...

the artist impression

(p/s: the pictures sizes are varies because they taken at different time and people, sorry for this)
this will a creeps fence... before u enter the club house.. imagine when you enter into this fence with all the creeps grow all over it... the interplay of light and shadow in the day and night gonna be awesome...:)

from a massive pitch to a slender flat roof with a random black steel columns camouflage with the trees

the columns has become slender and skylights incorporated...

black ceiling and black slender panels installed in the pavilion, and side ramps leading to the pavilion are incorporated in the floating pavilion....