Friday, December 26, 2008



Happened once in every year after Christmas, no one willl ever miss Boxing day, because all stuffs will get discounts and the discounts are so HIGH...:P

here are what I got

Pull and Bear Grey Jacket (I always wanted to get this, but they are always expensive and sometimes hard to find the one that are fit me, because I'm a bit short. but today I got lucky, this one only cost 20 pound, more than 50 percent discount:) and t-shirt (the t-shirt are super cheap only 4 pound and the graphic are really nice and creative)with H&M neck scarf,

Pull and Bear Jacket ( wearing this jacket make me look a bit bigger in size... hehe, but i like the boxy design though...)

and lastly, my favourite Lacoste bag... I like the part where it is sleek black and with a simple white line at the strap... cna easily match with any occation I guess. -one part I don't like about this is that it dont have discount... Regret to not get any Zara jeans whcih are also in discounts.... but it think I;m overspend... gonna suffer for the upcoming months...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Erm, this post was in draft for such a long time, although now it is in holiday and many things that are happening around me but somehow I'm just lazy to blog them up, urgh.. how long this blog can survive...

Today, when I went to Tao house in the city centre for some seafood feast and I pass by the Greenbank park which locates not far from my new accommodation... the park is really serene, and the birds here are what attract me the most to come over here, it's just enjoying to watch them flying and swimming endlessly within this "little small world of theirs"... you will feel that as if the world has nothing for u to worry about...
After that I had something DELICIOUS in Tao house... LOBSTER + HOMEMADE SEAFOOD FEAST!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm wondering, what happen to the sky exactly , it always rain and gloomy when I want to go out... today is my last day in Lady Mountford, Carnatic due to holiday, and I got to move to guest rooms in Greenback which at several miles away from here... move stuffs by manual, without helps,transportation and taking all your laggages from one place to the other for 4 hours plus was a hell, especially when u need to walk up the high slops in the garden and up the stairs in the building with your heavy luggages. +.+

Not sure why, although the room here is bigger than my previous one, but still I like my room in Lady Mountford... maybe this new room is too gloomy for me...


A speacial day for someone's birthday, 21122008. All of us had an awesome extra PERI PERI HOT steamboat together :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008


It rained non stop today, and the sky was gloomy... the whole Carnatic site was so quite, silence... almost everyone went back. Now, only left few of us, Asian in this large accomodation and we decided to cook our own dinner tonight, and Ina was our chef...:) because all of us, do not know how to cook... haiz.. pityful... I'm seriously have no idea how to survive in the next few weeks...

(the dinner was awesome...:P)

Friday, December 19, 2008


It's holiday now, but I suppose it isn't quite a holiday for Archi. student, as we suppose to spend this holiday to touch up our studio and revise for our final examinations, yea I know it is sucky. Though, I'm still too lazy for that, too lazy to start it...
Woke up pretty late this morning, like around 11 ish as I watch drama series till late night a day before and because of that, I miss my catered breakfast!!! a big deal for me... (tomorrow will be the last breakfast for me... I'm not gonna miss it)

Now, after all the uni classes finish, all my flatmates are packing stuffs and will go back today, and I will be all alone till next year Jan, and I'm gonna miss them very very much. After 2 days later, I got to move to another site for my temporary holiday stay, so, I will meet new friends and environment again. Seriously, all these are so tire for me, but I have no choice or else I got no place to stay. Another thing is Celdrick will also away to Manchester and stay with his brother for a month. I guess during this time, I'LL BE ALL ALONE, and celebrate Christmas on my own.... thinking about this and having clueless bout what to do today, suddenly I received a text from Brian, inviting me to go to Albert Dock and Tate Museum with him(Liverpool must visit destinations, but strangely, I have never been there before)

It was drizzling when we were on our way there, Liverpool street has more people than usual, but strangely, the streets were not that heavily decorated as I imagined so... everything seems only a bit merrier than normal.Brian and I overlooking to Liverpool One from Albert Dock.
Albert Dock.
The beauty of this place perhaps lie in it's water courtyard, the void... walking in between the contrasts makes this place meaningful. I love this place:) There are lots of shops in here, and in one of the painting shop, we met an old lady who told us about Liverpool story and cool places that we should visit... we had a good chat, and in the end of the day, we just know that we had so little knowledge about this place...sigh...
While chatting n walking around, we reached to Albert Dock Tate Museum, and surprisingly, we found out some of the famous art pieces are in here, like PICASSO and JACKSON PALLOCK and etc. It's amazing to see their artworks, and some of the others art piece ideas as well... It's just amazing. Check these creative graphics...
This was the most meaningful. Agree?

It's Christmas now, and of course we are not going to miss the Christmas stalls in the town when we were on our way back...

The pork burger from this stall is so tasty...regret of just getting it one...

After finish food shopping, I rushed back to my accomodation, as most of my flatmates are leaving today... and luckily I manage to catch them to say farewell, the rest had went back way earlier...

Haiz gonna miss u guys, anyway wish u all to have a Merry Chirstmas and New Year. See you guys next year.:)

I can not imagine celebrating Christmas alone in Greenbank (the new hall)... sigh.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Studio final interim cric. was over, and now we have another one more month to polished up our design and final presentations. In overall, I dun think I did a very good job because my physical modal is not finished up and some mportant images and graphics are not done and thus they are sort of hard to understand my stuffs, they said I had too much idea in one thing... got to step back and perhaps tame it down... haiz. Anyway, now lots more graphic to illustrate the process of the design and concept to pump inand lots of design stuffs to polish up in the final portfolio. (sad part is that they din really cric my spaces, urgh!)... o... but it was cool today because, it was the first day after we finish all our hectic works after a hell long of few months busy assignments, that means funs should come in... hahaha and so today, WE WENT TO CHESTER!!! (it was Jason plan to visit this place)... will update bout this tomorrow.

for now, to be continue...

Sunday, December 07, 2008


my residence, Carnatic site

I'm not going to miss the chance to taking this down...
This is the third snow scence I had seen in Liverpool so far. Hope it can get heavy and heavier...:)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Thanks to Ami for this nice header. Love it!

P/S : sorry for the late upload yea. :P

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I wonder have anyone seen a SHIT that is so big that it can't flushed away by the WC, because we had it here, and it happened TWICE. The thing is nobody admit that they "produced" that shit.=.= and the toting part is that we need to help that "fella" to flushed off that shit... it is disgusting.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


It is cold and you can hardly see anything at 15 meters beyond today... I feel like I'm walking in a labyrinth when I'm on my way to the bus station... next week gonna be a negative temperature here... I hope there will be snow...
my residence hall, you can hardly see a shit...

gosh, my dream for my studio does no crytalise in the plan... I need a spark.

Monday, November 24, 2008


my whole happy mood was totally ruin when i just about to come back from studio and wanna post about the pretty snow that hit in Liverpool yesterday night, because all my msn contacts are gone!!!so please is anyone see this message do add me back... i lost all the contacts espeacially those hotmail starting with the letter from S to Z.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


just got back from Glasgow...

It wasn't a planned trip, but it was a planned surprise for Amily's birthday in Glasgow... it was like ages since we had her birthday celebration back in KL, that time was with Adora, Chern Xi, Celdrick, Mak, and I... and that time was almost the deadline of our submission... but we dun care, I think that's probably explaint why my semester always have late submissions.... too much programes and fun stuffs going on, well that's how life goes isn't?... well it is her 21-st birthday, she deserves the best on the 12-11-2008.


Went to get the bus right after the History class at 10 a.m.... and I was really panic because I did not book the bus ticket before hand...for the reason of saving 50 pence online booking fee...but I was lucky because I still manage to get a ticket half an hour before the bus starts it's journey... the bus started the ride from 11 a.m. till 7 p.m. with half an hour transition in Manchester.. it was a long ride and a suffering for my ass and back.
Well, in such a long ride, normally you will sleep.... but it just aint normal for me that slept like almost the whole journey, but everytime when I woke up in the bus, there were just beautiful, and zen like landscape that would surprise me. It's an enjoyable ride.Reached to Glasgow about 7 something, and I just feel to spring into this Scottish city, out of my surprise, it isn't that cold and windy as compare to Liverpool... but it is still cold...the first sight that will caught your attention when you reached to the station is the Cineworld. It is so F$#@ing big. Hann said it is the biggest cinema in the world...I'm so dum. I miss the chance to watch movie in this cinema.
Before meeting Ami they all, I managed to follow Hann to his Glasgow School of Art, Mackintosh's Studio...Some of the Studio works. Some are really conceptually interesthing.The studio. The entire big space is partitioned by studio table.... I like the messiness of it...good for architecture space.

around 8 something Hann and I went to meet them, and I was told to walk 5 minutes behind Hann so that Ami will get the surprise, but it seems I need not to do that because when I got there, Amily can't really see me.... because she was wearing contact lance (she thought I was Hann's friend, so What de man) she was like... erm who is this guy... haiz. It seems that she is still with her blur-blur attitute eventhough I did not met her for so long... hahaha. Anyway, she still get the surprise because I manage to come to her birthday party (like after 3 minute of good looking on me), she was not expected it... at all, but thanks to Pei Yee and Hann to arrange everything...

We had our dinner at this very restaurant... The candles are cute aren't they? got it from Starbucks...(at first Hann said he make it... and stupidly, Amily and I believed him =.=)The birthday girl. My delicious Grill Sword Fish. Delicious rating 10/10.A memory to be remembered...


Woke up pretty late today, because yesterday was chatting with Amily, Pei Yee and Pierre till late, I woke up at ten something...I went out to explore this Scottish city at around 12 something after I did some brief reseach on this town.

The Strathclyde Student accommodation, this is where I stayed for 4 days in Scotland, the room is much bigger and nicer than mine... (but I like my accommodation setting though) The campus...
Ok, one part which I hate about Strathclyde Uni is that it is located at up slope... and it is very steep, when you walk down from the slope, you feel as if you gonna fall... look at the cars on the slope in the above pictures. SCARY.The Buchanan Street, which formed the main shopping street in Glasgow (the largest city in Scotland), and you can find the most uprange market over here... almost everything...erm, I guess if I'm study here I'm gonna come here everyday to "window shop" hahaha.
Mac... like most of the high ranges shops here, they renovate the old building interiors and maintaining the exterior... thus when you are in the streets, you feel as if you are in Victorian period, but once you get into the interior, it will bring you to a total different dimension. One interesting part is that how they actually integrate the old and new, and that I think is the reason why in UK architecture course, they always emphasize on the design in the integration of the old and new, well that is what my first project did, it seems easy, yet it does not seems so... in the end, all we got to do is just keep on fatasize...
The first stop, GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art), it is one of the must visit building in Glasgow, and it is the second most visited contemporary gallery outside London, so of course I wont miss the chance to visit it... you will be surprise the strong contrast of the skin and the spaces within. the spaces are very Steven Holl- ish... Some of the art works are really amazing as well... LOVIN IT.
The light coloured spaces...

Time for lunch... simple dishes under an old restaurant.
The raining city...
the old Glasgow must had it's glorious time before ... The journey continues... The Glagow Iconic Glasgow Bridge, the Clyde Arc bridge. The transformation of it's imej from day to night is just Simply Elegant.
Because it is winter now, the sky turned dark when it is around 3 something and I can not manage to get into the Science Centre and the Armadillo building because they close pretty early.... and so I decided to come back the next day... I hope I can make it here earlier tomorrow... I can only hopeI din know that the BBC Scotland is located nearby as well... it's present itself like a transparent glass sheet towards the river...I was so hungry when I get back to the accomodation but I'M SO LUCKY, Amily and Pei Yee flatmates cook CHINA FOODS tonight as a treat to Amily birthday.

I wish I can have Hiro ability, go back in time and eat the dinner again...

I wish I'm a good cook... everyday eat spaghetti for my lunch is so boring...

I wish tomorrow will be a better exploration...

Malaysian'ish taste that I probably can't find anywhere in UK for breakfast... thanks to Pei Yee (that was her last Maggi) Solemness after the morning?...The grand Glasgow Cathedral.Seeking for holy light.The purity.The cityscape of Glasgow with the mix of differeThe different period of styles within this city will just make you love to wonder around... around and around... I regret to have stay only 4 days in this poetic city. I will come back for more someday in future.
The Glasgow University.The story within..Getting a chance to visit this mytical university is been like a dream for me... it must had been a wish for the others to stay here forever as a student. I bet everyone will love this place.The light of knowledge is just beyond the door.The portal to the city beyond...The time that I had spend in Glasgow University is beyond my planned, but I think it is worth it... every single second of it... on the way the Science centre, this massive museum caught my attention...Kelvingroove Art Gallery and Museum.My everyday expression... which one belongs to you now...I wonder.A walk under a moody sun is not enough... perhaps under this one will brighten my mood..
/walking towards Glasgow Science Centre, Amadillo and BBC Scotland Buildings.../
Sometimes simple design orders will make you feel the impact as well... this is just another great example from Norman... great job.Growing high...The Glasgow masterpieces... (from left, the Amadillo building, the Clyde Arc Bridge, BBC building, the Glasgow Science Centre)Winter. you . are . just . so . on . the .way...I can't manage to get into the building for a visit, because the sunset so early today...urgh! time for home sweet home and sweety foods... before that, a short visit to Strathclyde studio...The linear space of studio where each space is for one unit... and all this is link by a corridor ... everyone still working hard huh...Some of the architorture students' masterpieceSmiles that we never forget...from left Amanda, Hann and Amily... they are still

A tire day stomach should fill up with this meals... by Ami chef...something that I miss so much since I got here... tom yam soup.... more please Amiy.

DAY 4The last day... to the Lighthouse where it gather all the Glasgow architecture. The play of natural light within it's spaces make the entire building look spacious although it is a very small building...The nautilus staircase... the contrast and merging in between the light and mass... The architect exhibition...

Took the bus back to Liverpool at around 3.15p.m. after had a farewell lunch with Amily, Hann and Pei Yee...

Glasgow, in my defination, a place of memory, art and FRIENDSHIP... I hope the rest are here as well.

picture taken during semester 3 after studio one cric.