Sunday, November 22, 2009


had a great night yesterday, had a movie with mates, had a party, a great chat and was drunk. :)

a way to escape from studio madness.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


was a real shock today when we woke up, the time was only 5 minutes away from the scheaduled train time to London.. It was a mad rush, and running from the house to the railway station in the super cold 5 am morning was like so crazy... SERIOUSLY NO MORE MORNING TRIP!
Anyway, we were to London to visits some building for History assignment. Tao and I went to Tate. To be honest, I am not impressed with Tate design, though I need to give credit for the architect for being humble while blending the new to the old, though I guess the new proposal for the Tate by Herzog is too monstrous.
Though we are lucky that we manage visit David Chipperfield exhibition which just started a few days ago... I'm not a very huge fan of him but some of his project on restoration projects are interesting, and we realized that we actually missed out his building in our Berlin trip... SHAME...=.=
my first trip to London was so short and for that I can't judge if I really like this city but I will defo. come for more in near future. ;)

p/ssaw this invisible man while on the way to David Chipperfield exhibitions

so hectic with assignments lately, will upload and updates trip once I'm free...;)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


There been several rainbows appear in front of my window when I awake. Will there be a surprise for me soon?

I hope so.


It has been hectic days lately, we have been really busy and this is even worst for the juniors because their submissions for studio are compressed from scheaduled 2 weeks to a week. So we celebrated Sook Tin's birthday a few days delayed from her original birthday. Sigh, why architecture students can't have a life? URGH! Anyway, we had a good dinner in Izzi Restaurant together :)
the birthday girl, Sook TinThey can still posed after several days of sleepless nights, the Malaysian Archi students :D ok back to works