Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Was so darn tired yesterday after the interim cric., and a quick step dance yesterday, and so we only plan to go out to shop today, winter is COOL here, very very cool.

We went to many shops today and intend to get some jackets for winter but today there are so many people!!! I spoted some cool jacket in PRIMARK but all are in large or extra large sizes ... no more S size...:( so sien...seems like all the good one and small size jacket grab by others dy, suppose to come earlier and so when we just about to go to Lewis store after Primark, I spoted something in Topshop, got HALF PRICE DISCOUNT!!! HAHAHA and so here I got myself a jacket from Topman /but this one got no discount though only 1o percent/. I like the jacket's material and the pockets design with black metal buttons, looks cool...
/the ishy part : I found a better look leather jacket with a cheaper price in Lewis after I bought the Topman jacket... arghhh./

we suggested to give ourselve a good dinner in a restaurant not far from Celdrick apartment, KIMOS since we had "work so hard" for our studio... a lame excuse for us to dine dinner outside right?

our innocent faces with our cod batter dishes... taste yummy :p

ok got to stop here for now and back to my studio work, but haiz feel sleepy pulak... dun sleep dun sleep... and to all my Melb. friends, u guys gambate for ur Studio Final.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Winter is now but I have not prepare for it yet!!! no time to shop... :(

/the time between Malaysia and England is 8 hours of depart. Not 7/

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This morning, we went to the Le Corbusier Exhibition which is currently held in Liverpool as a part of the European Capital of Culture programe in the Crypt.

Well, seriously, when you see the original works of Le Corb. you will be amazed... on how creatively of him fusing poetic, concept, and practical altogether as a whole, but I like his sculptures the most, the plasticity and the most important part is that the interesting way if how he compose different elements together and yet it can trigger different interpretations at the same time... anyway I just know that there is a very new building just finished built up and it was designed by Le Corbusier from this exhibition. I like the brutal-ness of it but what is ur comment about it. Check the building out.

Church of St-Pierre in Firminy-Vert, France

/This post was suppose to be posted 2 days back but it was in my draft and I don't have time to write it... sorry for the late post/

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Finally, after miss 2 classes, I finally make one for today, and today I learnt Jaiv dance in the Liverpool Dance Society, it is really cool, maybe I had never try it before that is why it seems interesthing for me, but I kinda miss a lot of steps for that...+.+... next week will be a class on Quickstep hopefully I can attend that. (If I'm not getting too tire for my

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Woke up ishy early today, and we (Bryan, Celdrick, Cecilia, Jason and I) went to the Liverpool National Express station to take a coach to Manchester at 6.15, it only took like 55 minutes to get there. One of us said, there will be no more TOO EARLY morning trip, because morning was so freezing cold, our hands are numb. Hahaha. Manchester National Express Station
This is cute.

The first stop is to Tadao Ando's work in Manchester, The Piccadilly Gardens and his designed Pavillion, it isn't that big but the simplicity of it is really serene and blends in well with the surrounding. It was said that this is his first British project. A part of the garden design.the Garden BridgeThe PavillionNext to the city centre... The Wheel of Manchester
The Triangle Sculpture.
Urbis - Museum of the Modern City / from left - Cecilia, Jason and me/
/ From left - me, Cecilia, Bryan, Jason, Celdrick/Manchester Cathedral
The Trinity Bridge By Santiago Calatrava - It's elegant!The Manchester Civil Justice Centre, one of the important architecture in Manchester and had recieve several awards due to its outstanding sustainability credentials, creative engineering design and WOW- factor architecture, it's cantivilers are the most outstanding part!Manchester Town Hall, so ishy they close today, dun let us to go in. Haiz... It's hungry time, and we went to China Town / haiz thought that Manchester China Town is very big, sien, only like cover like 2 streets only/, hehehe, and of course we like went to the restaurant which can offer us the cheapest price, but with the best foods, and with big portion, and we went to Chinese Buffet, muahahaha.It's not like "CHINESE" chinese foods, it's a bit Westernise, well I mean the taste... but it's alright, as long as it has that lil bit of Chinese taste... o man miss home cook foods.Look at Cecilia satisfy face with chinese - ops nope, fruits foods... now look at this - the satisfied faceand for me.. muahahah of course i took several tiems of meals here man... until I'm SUPER FULL... then baru we ciao... I think the workers sien me... nola joking. LOL.LOOK AT MY PORTION!!!
Next we took tram go to old Trafford and there is where the Manchester United Stadium, Daniel Libeskind, Imperial War Museum North are located.Ai, some of my pictures are with the others so I'm gonna post in my poser pictures next time. Next to the Libeskind, Imperial War Musuem North which located not far from the stadium, the form is fucking cun man... but not all the spaces are cool.. only some parts...

The Lowry Theatre and Art Galleryme and Cecilia overlooking to the river.

There is a match today at 5.30 and there is hell pack of people... and we were walking the opposite direction because we are going home, and this si the funny part where people ask us, "hey guys the stadium is over at the opposite direction are you guys lost". No we are not lost just that we are not watching the match... The polices on the hourses... cool rightgoing back time... taking the tram back to Manchester city and we had a small dinner. We went back at around 8.15p.m. and well, I really enjoyed this trip, explored and learnt a lot, though the sad part is that we din manage to go to CUBES for the architecture exhibition, maybe there will be a second trip to this city again. My next target will be Nothingham trip which is held by Malaysian Society... hope to go to Europe soon, but no $$$... wait till I work during the holiday and earn some money for that. :P

Will post up more pictures for this blog soon as there are not with me right now.. tata bye!

Friday, October 17, 2008


went to the site this morning for studio and it is an interesthing site to start off... hope it can be as interesthing as I had imagine it to be...

the green space is our site and it will be a shop space at the ground floor and the residential space at the top, and this is where the fun starts...hehehe... going to Manchester in another few hours, so dun forget to catch up my blog tomorrow ;P

Thursday, October 16, 2008


It rains a lot lately but the rain is short and always with chilly strong wind breeze through, and this is the typical English weather... I hate raining actually, it set the entire environment cool and chilly /somemore my payung from Malaysia rosak dy stupiak wind here really strong, even Cel and Bryan umbrella that bought from here can not hold through for long in the rain because the wind is so strong/... I can not imagine when the winter comes, more sunlight please, I mean MORE.

Been to the city just now with Bryan and Celdrick to get the bus ticket to Manchester this Saturday (Hopefully this trip gonna be interesthing) and after that we went to the city centre again...somehow, just somehow we end up in one of the art gallery, most of the museums and galleries here are free entry...

The Walker Art Gallery, where all the interesthing 17th, 18th, 19th and etc arts and sculptures in it, a place that worth for a visit for those art lovers.

The movable sculpture in one of the cineplex.

One of the roofless cathedral in Liverpool

Liverpool Biennial Rockscape - I dun actually know what is it for...hehe

On the way back, Le Corbusier banners are everywhere, and Peter Eisenman is coming soon to give a talk on Le Corb. it should be interesthing.

and ops I bought a t-shirt in Topshop... hehe love this

o yea gonna post up my room and my work very soon... gotta do my research on my studio now, so please be patient yea.