Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008


Finally, long waited, the class was started today. Environment Science and the first lecture was on the " Design of enclosure for frame buildings, facades and climatic design". Erm, the lecturer is John Stephenson, and he is an old man indeed, i heard him said that he retired 15 years ago... and before that he was still teaching... just imagine how old had he spent on teaching man... but he talk so slowwwww.... seriously his voice has the power to make people feel sleepy... but anyway, I like the lectures that he conducted, it is more than architecture. :)

p/s... din really can make a lot of friends today, if i dun start the talk... they wont talk.. seila... what happen if there is a group work...

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Erm, this post is suppose to be done few hours ago, but erm ... the pictures from Jason were late... haiz... so I can only update it now. Erm, we went to town today because Celdrick said there will be a 50% discount for NEXT shop... but when we reach there.. haiz. still very expensive la... so we do not get any stuffs... only can do window shopping... haiz...
On the way to the city, some of the Le Corbusier signs, the Le Corb. exhibition gonna hit in Liverpool In October. Cool stuffs.

Ok, this is for Liverpool fans... tones of cool stuffs are inside... but pretty expensive as well.
F1 car inside the shop.
The SuperLambBanana, all 200++ all over Liverpool were sold out for some charity, but we still can see some of them in some stalls.
This is inside one of the big shopping mall in Liverpool, and where all the expensive brands located. COOL!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Knok knok knok...

"this is for you, Andy..." told Kelly.
"Andy, since when I have this name", I was blur
"now? we named you, hahaha..." Kelly


and basically the girls in the flat stamp different tag on our doors... some are real funny

This is for me... Handy?
Ok this one (below)... it took me a while to understand it... only for above 18.

Friday, September 26, 2008


A bit about the Liverpool University architecture campus.

The superlambbanana - the story behind it, in the olden days the liverpool's people trade the lambs to the others to get the banana...

random thought, from Bryan : we can jump down from here if we wanna get suicide for the Architorture course

Monday, September 22, 2008


Ok, today it was like half day just merely on speach and I was so tire and almost got sleep... but the LGOS (Liverpool Guild of Students) talk was not bad and in the afternoon and set up trip was organised and it was a part of the program of the day, and i had fun, but somehow... I slept in te middle of the trip, darn I guess I must be too tire to be a listener for the whole day.

something interesthing

at night, the dinner was set for us... but somehow... we end up listening to an Egyption Archeologiest lectures... it was interesthing... maybe if I'm not doing Architecture, I might take this as one of my hobbie. O yea tell ypu what, during this dinner there was a lucky draw and someone from Malaysia got a prize of a footbal which has all the Liverpool on it... cool huh?

Dinner in Adelphi Hotel at 1815p.m., ok sorry, I forgot what is their name, but they are interesthing people, espeacially the long hair guy (he is the one who was giving us lectures on Egyption architecture, life and all...)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Ok today it is so cool, because more people are getting in the accomodation here, so there will be no more 4 people eating in a big dinning hall... like around 20 now? Good.

the good news, finally I'd met them, Celdrick and Bryan, thanks for coming over to see me, or maybe just come over to get the notebook charger. Nvm. I dun care which of above, at least we met up and get ourselve updated on our status now. So ok that's all of now I think, good night everyone, and I can't wait to attend tomorrow's freasher week, it should be owesome!


Erm, friends thank you for being there to give us a surprise and warm farewell, will never forget the fun time that we had together...~

but we are meeting more new people in our journey of life... and here is my another episode in my life journey... nice to knwo you guys, from left, Jessy - a medic student from Malaysia (if I'm not mistaken haha), Connie - German who is going to do her Material Science and Engineering course and Christ, a HongKong Chinese but raised in Sweden who is on his Law studies...

but I will never forget this moment, gonna miss u guys... my family.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I WAS TOTALLY EXHAUSTED!!! I spent my entire day pure walking non stop in the Liverpool City like from 11 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. and I think my left leg knee joint is not experiencing the effect of that crazy walking.

Erm, basically I went out with Connie, a new friend from Germany to town by bus. I plan to go to the town to find Bryan and Celdrick, get my new mobile phone no and get my self a new bank accont, but this are all happened instead.

11a.m to 12p.m - was searching for Bryan in Melberry Court which is located not far from the campus, but it was ishy, he was not there. Guys it is insane you are living ur life without a handphone line, you can't find anyone or anything, you just can not do anything. dam! I wonder where the ish are they now.

12p.m. to 3p.m. was finding the mobile phone shops and the banks, and here where I really got lost. but it was fun.

the bus stop...

this is so Liberskind-ish.

there are so many streets over here... I'm almost lost within these maze of streets althoguht I have a map with me...

Ok, this is something that will grap the Architecture students attention, erm this is the Metropoliton Cathedral of Christ The King, the interior is nice but too bad I did not took any pictures of it... next time yea.
I love the ornaments...
The view of the city side from the Cathedral

This is something like Petaling Street I think, not sure I din went in...

The shopping Paradise.... The Williomson Square and the streets around... there are so many shopping shops and banks and stuffs... and there are so many people...

I love this. Haha.

This work is cool isn't?

OK. basically i spent half of my day to find the bank and the phone shops. It drains my energy....help please. the darn thing is that by the time I found it, it was close... =.=

3p.m. to 4.30p.m - ok this is the worst part, I'm already tire and still I was walking like a mad cow around the city, round and round to find the dam bus stop adn correct bus... been asking the people and the bus driverz and I was like a fool to be told to take this and that bus.. and finally I was only confirmed the correct one by a bus driver when it was almost 4.30p.m. (that time I was really convince becasue he knew the place that I was lving in) and thank God I manage to catch up my catered high tea.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Wow the whole journey process was "siao", the 15 and a half hours fly inclusive 3 hours transit in Abu Dhabi had flatten my ass. But overall was awesome, we reached at Manchester at around 7 a.m. and the UoL picked us up not long after that. Erm well, the people ova here are just so friendly and helpful. and the weather is tune on just nice. It was like you are in a 11-14 c air con room or something with moderate sunlight! I love it!haha

ok this was in Abu Dhabi Airport, and trust me this air port is so ishy small and pack...urgh and we need to spend our 3 hours transit ova here.

The Manchester Airport entrance

As usual, I camwhore when I get to a new place, and here we are...waiting for the UoL students to pick us back to our accomodation.

The geng profile poser - Celdrick

The low profile poser - Bryan

The combinations of low-medium-high profile posers. All the new students and friends. I was not in it :(

Okay, I'm gonna tell a different story now. I LOVE MY ACCOMODATION AND ROOM! besides the distance, everything is just cool here.. nice field, trees, weather, and oh my room, I just found out that my room in Lady Mountfort is like the best among others, it was newly painted and I have my new furniture, how great is that! I think i'm gonna post a blog about my room. haha

Ok, about the area around here, it are a lor of Gothic churches and Romanesque like walls around, I manage to grap some time and went out shop some stuff before it was dark and the streets are just lovely, the same goes to the people, they are so nice and helpful if you ask them for directions and stuffs and you wont feel like you are a stranger over here...ok more updates in the future. That is all for now. Will upload more pictures.