Monday, August 31, 2009


What happen when you know that you can see all the latest pop stars for free, such as King Of Leons, Amy Winehouse, Robbin Williams, So Blondie and etc? I'm darn lucky cause I've landed on Pool on the 30th in Manchester and so I manage to see them live in the Mathew Street Festival for another day on the second day. This festival is something that celebrate Liverpool Beatles, and celebrates songs cultures... There are seven stages in Liverpool in total, and different artists sings in different platform...Each singers sang for like 45 minutes, so it was like you can listen their whole album on the concert...imagine that. Duffy on the above pictures...She look so old now....sigh
So Blondie...her rocks songs almost rock off our socks... she is a good performer... Robbin William, he took off his pants at the end of the concert, amazing! AMY WINEHOUSE! I love her the most, I gotta said her voice is soooooooo good! especially her Back To Black. I think she has she and King of Leon has the most fans among other stages...but she become so fat already...maybe she is in eating disorder now look at the crowds during King of Leon performance... but we got lucky because we are at the front rows for most of the performents... hopefully next year this can grow better and massive!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


it's 3 days before I'm flying back to Pool, and I'm enjoying the time passing...owh I love these moments.

u make me miss this place

Monday, August 17, 2009

OF . ARCHITECTURE (16082009)

before I go back, I can't miss to have a view on the works that I had work on in my firm last time though the pictures are not with me now sigh... so be patient k... will update it once i got them.

but PJTC is another cool architecture that my firm work on its interior though it is still in the very beginning stage... but the overall architecture is just awesome and it is done be Kevin Mark Low. As expected from him, his work on this one is simple yet with great impact. I love the way he integrates the raw materials together.
look at the raw-ness of the perforated steel staircase... it is already a beauty on its own without any addictive materials
some of the interior shoots, the hanging shelf... they are so slim...
among all these spaces I would said that the roof top is the most CUN
Waylon on foreva 18 ad...the labels for each floors are that big...sucha bold move.

Friday, August 14, 2009

SHOPPING / BUKIT TINGGI (sunday 09082009)

First thing that I did in the morning was to shop as much in Sunway before leaving to Bukit Tinggi with my high school friends and I've got myself a pair of indigo Levi's and a pair of Converse shoe. Was wanted to get the leather converse show but too bad they dun have my size...=.=

So in the afternoon, meet up my high school friends who are now working in Singapore, they are coming this far to have a meet up with me, imagine that. As planned we shoot up to Bukit Tinggi by car, thanks to Mr Driver Soon King. By the time we got there it was like around 9 something. We are bit unfortunate for the night because the hotel room that we need to stay in cost us RM315 (if I'm not wrong) which is freaking not worth for the room, but due to our uber late when we got there, we don't have a choice... but thanks to our Miss Theresa, she paid for the room money... it is super generous of her... guess we got to pay back her generosity sometime later when Soon King and I got our work in the future ;)

Well well, we got soem beers and some wine up, and some meecups (pity heh), easy night, hang out at the courtyard... cam whoring was pretty much discribed what we did until 2.30 am in the morning...yawn...
the courtyard of the French Hotelfrom the left : the famous me, Soon King, Theresa, and Joey before we went to sleep.....I was told that we are gonna celebrate Soon King Birthday... but mana tahu... they actually bought the cake for me and celebrate my belated birthday...I'm so touched... though it is uber belated... but who cares... :) (this was like the third birthday celebration in a year - the first was with my uni course mates, then flatmates, and now it is this, I had never before celebrated so many times before, in the old days I can't even celebrate one... I felt greatful, thanks to many that make all these happened)Look at the mess!We can't miss the morning breakfast, because it's free, but it is only allow for 2 people.. so what happen to another 2 more persons?... but the breakfast was really shit, I think the entire breakfast I only eat their eggs, eggs and's really a disaster.on the way up to the Japanese Garden on top of the hillI've to admit that the scenery of the Japanese Garden is really nice, the blend in of the tiny waterfall and greens make the place tranquil :)u can rent the Japanese traditional cloths here n take pic... but it is bit expensive...after shopping I dont have much left... haiz... so only Theresa and Joey took it...
we got back around 12 something for I needa catch up with my colleages and Soon King needa attend his class at 1pm... it was bit rush but all in all it was a fun FUN.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BUTOH . JAM (saturday 08082009)

I was REALLY REALLY BORED staying in Kampung for the past 3 months without going anywhere... so must defo. go to KL before I go back to UK because I can's miss my colleague performance on Butoh show and meet my dear friends and shopping!

actually I supposed to be there on a week before this to attend NS gathering but the stupiak KL demonstration delayed my trip, haihz

ok back to the main topic, base on what i have known bout this dance, butoh show was a slow motion Japanese dance that accompanied with the art, lighting and sound effect though there isn
the dance basically revolve a soul who gone through a path of death searching a true shell and transforming his soul into but in the end it seems that it had gained only sadness and the image of awaiting for someone. The creative lighting and sound effect that bring this whole perfomance into life was really good. What I love was that all the sound/light effect was actually created by mixing and based on the sound that we normally heard but we ignored or in simple translation it seems like some Le Corb Brutalist idea. What more was that the main actor was my talented colleague, we are really pround of him. The slow motion of changing angle had make him boneache I think... but overall was CUN From left, Terry, Amy, Ah Boon, Ceacer (the performer) WeiMing, and I
Amy, my ex colleague... as u can see from here, she always bully me... lol
me with my colleagues and some people that I'm not very familiar with...
the arts exhibition
went for a midnight snacks after that but the mamak was dam stupiak, service slow, toilet dirty but need to pay money if u need to use it, and they close at 12am sharp. I never heard a mamak close that early, spoil our supper mood... so people dun eat in the mamak that locates next to the Central Market. Had the first Cheese Naan and Tandori Chicken there after 2 months in Malaysia, how sad was that... ( although the food not bad, but the tandoori chicken was so cancerous, a lot of black patch, cna not fully finish the meat, so minus mark for this as well)

P/S : dear readers,
sorry for the late update, was really tire when I got back from KL, but I'll update them bits by bits... :)