Friday, December 31, 2010


view looking out from my office

24 hours before hitting 2011 new year, I have so much to talk about about this year but I can't type it all out in here. Well, 2010 has been such a big changed, and I've definitely miss my friends, those that are at home and abroad. Working abroad with entirely new friends, and colleague still felt very alien to me, and somehow make me feel a bit homesick, just can't wait to get home and celebrate New Year with family again during new year.

One thing that I might regretting is that I will only go back to study after 2 years of work which also means I will be on my own on master with no old friends go through a tough time with me but I also wonder how would I survive in this firm for 2 years when in this 2 months time, I'm like becoming a zombie and a slave for the local client with massive of changed on a short amount of time. Guess this is the life that I had took, design and life does not come in together and easy. Am still wonder what will the life after 2010 will lead me. it's a year to get older and more responsibilities, and I hate it, it is annoyed but we need to go on with it. Time flies.

random thought: It felt so great looking at the CCTV at night, maybe it is what drives me to cont this road. A road that I always dream of.

Sunday, December 05, 2010


tire, mistakes that had been make over and over again, cold, sleepless nights, all these that u cna find in architecture life are in my pass few weeks, I'm shattered.

it's a tough way to go